Ultramasx Technologies was founded in 2019 by Ivan Simetovic, a former award-winning banker turned entrepreneur, with the aim to address the global pollution impact on human life. According to the World Health Organization 7 million people die every year due to air pollution. Ultramasx Technologies mission became even more challenging at the outbreak of the 2020 global pandemic. The technological challenge to protect lives from a virus that is estimated to be smaller in diameter than what regular commercial anti-pollution masks were able to filter created an even bigger challenge for the company.

We realised that the greatest challenge in developing a protective and comfortable mask was in the trade-off between the filtering capacity and the air flow: for the ordinary passive masks the highest is the filtering power the lowest is the air flow available to breathe. We found a solution to the problem: an electrically ventilated mask. This was the idea behind the creation of our flagship product: UltraOne. A mask that could offer the highest available protection against pollutants, with a state of the art rechargeable HEPA filter and at the same time an excellent airflow, thanks to its 2-speed built in turbofan. Ideal for everyday use in our polluted cities but also for commuters and international travelers that are exposed to millions of people and want no-compromise on security in this post pandemic world. A mask that could be used also for sports activities and comfortable even in warm climates thanks to its ventilation.

In 2020 Ultramasx Technologies is launching on the market the most technologically advanced electrically ventilated consumer respirator mask on earth. The Ultramasx UltraOneTM respirator mask has been carefully engineered with the purpose to protect your breathing safety and wellbeing, delivering exceptional performance, comfort and design, long lasting in time and respectful of our environment. 


“Our mission was to design the most technologically advanced
ventilated mask on earth. We succeeded." 

Ivan Simetovic, Founder and CEO Ultramasx Technologies