Ultramasx UltraOne

Ultramasx UltraOneTM has an active 2-speed electrically powered turbofan and is equipped with removable HEPA filters. Re-chargeable via USB. Re-usable for years. At a cost of $0.41 per day or 80% less than comparable grade disposable respirators*.

UltraProtection: State of the art 4 stages HEPA 12 grade and activated carbon filter membranes filtering more than 99.97% of suspended particles with a diameter as small as 0.3 micrometers. In our last edition, we have also added an exhaust air filter to protect those around you.

UltraVentilation: Active 2-speed electric turbofan provides up to 6.9 cubic meters of purified fresh air per hour. Excellent for everyday use or even for sports activities, especially in warm and humid climates. Active ventilation helps you breathe better in any condition.

UltraComfortable: Medical-grade soft silicone face seal and light silicone straps with a limited surface at contact with your skin make it comfortable. The straps are wearable either behind the ears or behind the head. No more vapor fogging your glasses.

UltraSustainable: Re-chargeable via USB and re-usable with our Ultramasx UltraFilters™ cartridges. The mask lasts years, just changing the filters, minimizing environmental impact, and reducing the cost per day by 80% compared to similar grade disposable respirators*.

Every box includes one Ultramasx UltraOneTM respirator mask, two pairs of silicone straps, two fitting clamps, two Ultramasx UltraFiltersTM, two exhaust air filters, one USB cable, and a travel pouch. 




Air Volume



ABS + Silicone

Battery Capacity




Working Time




Recharging Time


Input Voltage


Rated Power


* Daily cost estimated for 1-3 hours daily usage over one-year versus disposable respirators of comparable or lower grade.

Disclaimer: Before purchasing, please make sure that the distance between the midpoint between your lower lips and chin and the mid nose is below 95mm and the width of your mouth is less than 90mm. The maximum depth between the face seal at contact with cheeks and the mask's internal panel is 35mm. A 1-year warranty covers our products. The items are non-returnable due to hygienic reasons. Our products are shipped worldwide from the USA and Hong Kong. Import duties, if any, are due by the customer. For more details, please refer to the terms and conditions.